Divine Roots Intention

Divine Roots Intention

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha!


When a tree’s roots are healthy and strong, they provide nourishment and life-sustaining energy for the entire tree. The tree is then self-sufficient, comes into communion with the outside world, and lives optimally. The same is true for humans: if the roots are fostered and awakened, they will provide for the whole being. Our human roots include our bodies, our minds & hearts, our breath and our connection with Spirit. Everything else is like the collection of branches.

This website is intended as a spiritual hub for all things that nourish our roots. On Divine Roots you will find:

Free online Yoga audio classes
Free online meditation practices
A teacher’s forum to support fellow Yoga teachers
Free weekly newsletter to keep you inspired
Mala Prayer Beads
Rooted & Lifted 

Coming Soon to the Site:
A collection of recommended books
Beginner’s Yoga series
Inspirational Divine Roots clothing
Veganism lifestyle information
Cultural Creatives page

These elements of the website are then intended to guide you towards three essential nourishments for your roots: living with intention, manifesting through purposeful action & steeping each moment with your awareness. Purposeful action is developed through Yoga asana practice; intention is developed through staying inspired to live your unique purpose; awareness is developed through meditation.

It’s only the beginning. Become a part of the Divine Roots movement.